Updates for 2/15 ADH

Last class we discussed editing our project proposals. Mainly, our group needs to work on story-boarding the website. Additionally, we decided to film five objects instead of three to five objects.

I have been in contact with Jarod, the head curator at the James Monroe Museum about filming the 3-D tour. We created a Doodle poll to find the best filming times that work for all of us next week. We still have to figure out the camera to use for the 3-D tour because the HCC does not have one.

On Thursday, we will go over how to story-board the website and figure out how to get the 3-D camera or alternatives to using a 3-D camera. Next class we will also work on finishing editing the group contract. Once we reach a consensus for filming times for next week, I will email Jarod to see if that time works for them.

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